Drew Liknes

Fine – Funky – Fresh.


I’m Drew Liknes. 21 years old, graduate of New Media Production & Design from SAIT. Now I create designs for print and web, video and audio, and interactions to engage end users.


Adobe Certified Association in Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
and Premiere Pro. 


Working with small and large businesses, on various projects with small and large scopes, tight deadlines and budgets.


Much like my Volkswagen, you can count on me to get you where you need to be.

Educated where it counts.

With a diploma in New Media Production and Design from SAIT, I’ve learned the in’s and out’s of graphic design, photography, video producing and editing, responsive web development and design, animation and much more. 

that matters.

I’ve worked for both smaller local companies focused on Calgary, and international publishing firms. My career has been short, but exposed me to a range of organizations. Click below to see some of the projects I’ve worked on. 

Some of the stuff I know about
Windows & Mac environments

Since I could lay my fingers on a keyboard, i’ve used a computer. I fully understand Windows and MacOs operating systems.

Adobe Creative Cloud

With 4 Adobe Certifications, I can create a solution for any creative challenge.

Microsoft Office Suite

I ‘excel’ with the Microsoft Office Suite. Ask me how I used to make Christmas wishlists in powerpoint instead of making a regular list. 

Garageband & Audacity

I’ve recorded a track or two! As a musician, I have recorded tracks for use in projects.

Web Development

Highly skilled with WordPress and a educated brain filled with knowledge on HTML5 and CSS3.

…And so much more

The possibilities are endless! I’m always learning new and exciting software and tools to be
more efficient.

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